The Four Part “Call Me Now” Campaign Formula

The following is an excerpt taken from “The Automatic Marketing Machine”, written by RJon Robins and Danny Decker

The formula for a profitable “Call Me Now” Lead-Gen campaign is very straightforward. It’s essentially a four-part formula. Later, after you get your four-part formula working, you can experiment with more complex formulas but for now let’s keep it simple so you can get some quick wins.

Here’s the formula:

1) Identify the person you’re speaking to – or more specifically, help your prospect identify themself.
2) Identify the problem you want to help them solve.
3) Present the solution.
4) Give them a Call to Action so they don’t have to wonder how to solve their problem.

For example,

(1) Are you an entrepreneur or do you own a small business?

(2) Are you sick and tired of wondering where, when, or even if your next prospective new customers are going to come from?

(3) Building an Automatic Marketing Machine could be just the solution for you, because it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners produce a steady, predictable stream of highly qualified prospects, day in and day out, so that you don’t have to worry anymore about where your next customer is going to come from.

(Now just imagine how you would feel if we didn’t give you a call to action at this point. You’d probably be pretty frustrated! That’s why we always insist that every advertisement we ask our clients to invest their money on includes a trackable, and measurable Call To Action.)

(4) So if you are an entrepreneur or you own a small business, and you are sick and tired of wondering where and when your next prospect is going to show up, and you would like to build a simple Call Me Now campaign so that you can generate prospects consistently, keep reading because that’s what we’re about to show you how to do before this chapter is over.

Simple and straightforward.

Do you self-identify with this description?
Do you have this kind of a problem or opportunity?
Does this kind of solution appeal to you?
Here’s something you can do about it!

None of this is rocket science – you’ve just got to execute. 

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